David Cappello, senior writer and analyst for ARS Insights, is a seasoned veteran of the market research world, having written and edited scores of book-length analytical studies on a vast range of consumer-market topics. Starting out in 1987 as a writer for Packaged Facts, a market research firm based in New York City — where he rose to the position of senior editor — Mr. Cappello has since gone on to become a preeminent author of numerous top-selling business intelligence studies for MarketResearch.com (Rockville, MD), the leading clearinghouse for market research studies in the United States.

Concerned by the dire implications of climate change, Mr. Cappello began in earnest during the late 1990s to study this potentially catastrophic problem and explore possible solutions. As do many who contemplate global warming, he turned to investigating energy alternatives. ARS Insights is a direct result of these investigations.

Hilairie Schackai is publisher of ARS Insights. Her recognition of the need for a greater understanding of non-conventional energy markets provided the impetus for creating this venture. In addition to her business acuity, Ms. Schackai brings to this project professional expertise in agriculture, horticulture, art, and design. Her experience and commitment to these fields is at the heart of the company's vision.

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