ARS Insights is a research firm devoted to providing business intelligence on emerging Alternative, Renewable, Sustainable energy markets and related fields. Our goal is to publish an ongoing series of syndicated research studies, each focusing on a particular ARS market.

Studies published by ARS Insights draw from the vast reservoir of information available from a multitude of secondary sources - including industry associations, government bodies, dedicated trade and consumer print media, scientific journals, academic studies, scholarly books, and the Internet. This wealth of information is then analyzed and synthesized, with the results being presented in concise, lively language in a well-organized format. Our aim is to offer comprehensive, accessible studies defined by clarity, accuracy, and objectivity. Our hope is that these studies will be of value to all interested parties - whether they be curious newcomers possessing only a passing acquaintance with ARS markets or industry professionals.

As is only appropriate for a research firm devoted to providing business intelligence, ARS Insights maintains a steadfast focus on markets - companies and their products, distributors, dealers, retailers, consumers, and competitive dynamics in general. As such, the market context assumes primary precedence over strictly technological concerns. We emphasize our market-centric perspective here for a good reason: namely, that ARS markets - especially those involving energy - tend to be highly complex both scientifically and technologically. This complexity can be fascinating yet can easily obscure or overshadow what is our own primary focus - i.e., analyzing market structures and dynamics. Hence, our studies treat science/technology as only one of several influential factors bearing on the primary market context.

One final point of reference must be stressed: ARS Insights concentrates on markets in the United States. We find that information on U.S. markets for alternative, renewable, sustainable products and services is all too often buried under an avalanche of global statistics and descriptions. This is understandable, given the international context within which ARS markets are emerging. Nevertheless, we choose to focus on the United States - not exclusively but predominantly - in the belief that concentrating on the particular and peculiar aspects of U.S. ARS markets will provide unique insights and offer a valuable service.

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